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2017 China new year celebration held in wuxi-Konggang Hotel-20170116

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1.World-beater technology(Wu xi)Com.,Ltd 2017 China new year celebration dinner was held at Wuxi KongGang Hotel on Jan.08, 2017. At beginning, Mr_Xugive us a speech and picture us the blueprint and target for 2017. Mr Xu stress that our sales target will be 60Millions for 2017, and the main issue we need to come up with solution is RD talent issue, we need hire big quantity of RD talents, we need build up strong fixture development team and equipment development team to achieve sales target in 2017.

2.Engineering department engineer MS. Yu Dan Feng show us a poem To Oak Trees

3.Manufacturing department Mr Xu Hong Rui show us a chinese song”Man’s Flower”
4.Third prize extraction, 50PCS 200RMB cash-filled red envelopes release to employees.


5.Second prize extraction, 20pcs 400RMB cash filled red envelopes release to employees. 

6.Field improvisation, Kite and Jin_Ye and Li GuiCai show us cross-cupped wine demo.

7.Field improvisation, Mr Liu ChunSheng, Kite , Jin_Ye, Li Guicai show us a dancing named as”chicken chicken”.
8.Field improvisation, small child FengYinXuan show us a dancingBlue tile roof of the temple.
9.Quality department engineer Ms.Cai ai Hua show us a Korea song”Because I am a girl”
10.First prize extraction, Mr Jin and Mr Lee extracted 5pcs Giant Bicyclesfor our employees.

11.At last, Mr Xu extracted super prize 60 inch SHARP color TV and one piece of Iphone-7 for our employees.

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  • Next one: Nov, 2016. Hubei industrial university
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