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Nov, 2016. Hubei industrial university

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At morning of Nov.12, 2016, the president of Hubei industrial university Mr Liu De Fu and postgraduate institute director Mr Chen_Kun, mechanical engineering institute director MrQianYingPing visit Dongguan World to discuss strategy cooperation and build intelligent laboratory together with World precision.
World CEO Mr. Ren_xiang yang, vice president Mr Yao_Guo Hua, RD vice manager Mr.Chen treated Mr Liu, and communicate deeply on cooperated education, special student training, build intelligent lab with world management team.
Mr.Liu praise highly for the great achievement made by World in automation equipment research and technical field, thanks for opportunity that Hubei industrial university student practice in world precision. And hoping for further cooperation with World in mechatronics, electric, talents training, intelligent new techonology research and application.
Mr Ren thanks for Mr.Liu’s visit, and hope Hubei industrial university become the talent development base for world, cultivate technicians which adapt to company development, fully use the intelligent lab to stand on top of new technology innovation.
At last, Mr Ren and Mr Liu signed agreement for strategy cooperation, and donate some equipment for Hubei industrial university intelligent lab.

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